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tangibl will work with your team to research, develop and prototype product ideas for mass production. We have special expertise in connected devices, the so called 'Internet of Things' (IoT). The following are some particular services we offer,

Areas of Expertise

Previous Projects

Kohler MicroBugless valves – Desktop app for smart taps

The technical talent of tangibl was hired by MyOxygen, Bristol to develop the Windows desktop app for the Kohler MicroBugless range of smart taps and showers.

Kohler, USA is one of the worlds leading innovators of bathroom and kitchenware and the MicroBugless range of valves, developed at the Kohler-Mira site in Chelteham, demonstrates how routine plumbing maintenance tasks in large installations such as hospitals and schools can be automated using smart, connected technologies.

The app connects with a network of taps and showers via USB serial, Ethernet and direct to individual taps through a Bluetooth 'Communicator' device developed in parallel at Kohler-Mira in Cheltenham.

The project involved working closely with the designers and engineers to ensure that the Communicator could work across the target platforms as well as ensuring that the app worked reliably and met the design requirements of the clients.

Henry the Explorer, CodSteaks – Animatronics for a museum

tangibl worked with CodSteaks, Bristol to research, test and build underlying animatronics for a life-size mannequin of Henry the Explorer. The robot was to perform repeated movements in the neck, eyes, shoulder, waist and elbow for daily use in an interactive museum in Porto, Portugal.

tangibl was hired to test candidate components for suitability and to develop and integrate the candidate control system into the final piece in a very short timeframe.

After rejecting two candidate systems based on a series of trials, we integrated a Maxon EPOS system driven over CanBUS which proved to be the most robust. We developed further visual software for the project manager to be able to quickly and easily program in the movements required by the client.

The final project was delivered to Portugal and now features in the `World of Discoveries' museum. As a result of the work performed by tangibl, Codsteaks has now built up a far greater understanding of animatronics requirements and capabilities.

Particular Expertise




At its core, tangibl is brothers Brendan Arnold and Matthew Arnold as well as well as hired talent from the tangibl list of contacts.


Brendan is a freelance robotocist, analyst, programmer and the head of tangibl. With a background in physics research and teaching, Brendan is able to tackle problems and present rigorous findings in an understandable way.

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Matthew is the specialist in fabrication and making the product real. He has many years experience in set design, building and materials.

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